Let’s save the world together.

We need to do better for our planet. Our products give consumers the power to make a difference — today.

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Do Good Chicken Diverts More than 27 Million Pounds of Surplus Food from Landfill in First Year of Operation
Do Good Foods Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023

This is our planet and we’re going to fight for it.

Do Good Foods is offering great-tasting products consumers know and love, that also have a tangible positive impact on the world. How?

Today, 40% of the food we grow currently goes to waste. Can you imagine going to the store, filling five bags of groceries but then throwing two of them away? It’s a waste of resources, time and money. And we are putting a stop to it.

Rather than throw food away, Do Good Foods is upcycling it. Surplus grocery food is first shared with local food pantries — what’s left over is then sent to our facility to be repurposed into feed for animals.

of healthy grocery store food gets tossed in landfills
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$ billion
worth of food goes unsold or uneaten each year
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in America’s landfills is food waste

Taking on climate change by ending food waste.

When food is sent to a landfill it creates methane gas that is approximately 26 times more potent than C02 – and contributes significantly to climate change. And because we throw away so much food, the impact is massive. If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest GHG emitter!

Rather than throw food away, Do Good Foods is upcycling it. In doing so, we are following the EPA food hierarchy which states that after donating excess food to feed people, the next best use of unsold food is feeding animals.

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of food is wasted annually
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of fresh food can be processed at every plant
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will be carrying our products (and counting)
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Sustainable food production starts here.

We’ve created a closed-loop system that uses food to its maximum benefit. It starts with our partnership with grocers to use what would have been wasted. It continues as we upcycle healthy leftover grocery store food —taking it to our facility to be repurposed into healthy feed for animals. The circle is complete when those animals are processed and sold as a healthy, sustainable alternative to the same products consumers love today.

of the entire US food supply is wasted
pounds of food is discarded every year
of solid waste in US landfills is food

Stats provided via ReFed, the US. Department of Agriculture and the EPA.


Better food. Made better.

We are winning people over by giving them what they want — high quality products that are made sustainably and priced equally. They don’t need to take a stand, or make a sacrifice. They can simply eat the food they love, while contributing a net positive to the world.

Our Brands

Do Good Chicken

Our chickens are raised on a diet that includes ingredients made with nutritious surplus grocery food. That means each of our delicious Do Good Chickens save surplus groceries from being thrown away, thus preventing the release of approximately three pounds of greenhouse gases.

Do Good Eggs

This innovative partnership between Do Good Foods and Michael Foods furthers our collective mission to reduce food waste and care for our environment. Fed on a diet that includes surplus grocery food and cage free, every dozen Do Good Eggs will prevent approximately one pound of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere. 

Do Good Beef

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