POLITICO introduces readers to Do Good Chicken

CLIMATE-FRIENDLY CHICKEN IS HERE: Environmentally conscious consumers will soon be able to buy “carbon-reduced” chicken that’s partially raised on food waste diverted from grocery stores. Do Good Chicken, which launches at major national retailers in February, is a sign of things to come as the food industry increasingly grapples with consumer concern about the climate crisis.

New co. in the barnyard: In this case, the product comes from Do Good Foods, a startup with substantial financial backing and working with some of the most well-known names in food. Last week, founders Justin and Matt Kamine held a Food Tank event with Sam Kass, who served as nutrition policy advisor to former President Barack Obama and is now chief strategy officer for the company, as well as former Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, who’s advising the company, and Tom Colicchio, a well-known chef and advocate, who said he looked forward to serving the chicken at his restaurants.

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